Summer in London

Ahhhh, the warm weather is here, but for how long?

Last summer in London was probably the best weather I could have ever hoped for. For one, I HAD A TAN. IN ENGLAND.

Two months of 70+ degrees (with one month consistently over 80) reminded me a little bit too much of home. I’ve missed Michigan summers for five years, but it really affected me in 2013.

I’m crossing my fingers and toes for a repeat and so far, so good. Our windows fly open as soon as I get in the door, the garden is coming along nicely and our first round of BBQ burgers this past weekend were divine.


Getting hitched.

So, somehow in all the craziness of the last couple months Charlie and I got engaged. Even at 31 (which seems a totally respectable age to get engaged in these modern times), it feels really adult. Though I know many successful couples who have, I can’t even image what it would be like to take this step in my 20s.

It’s been a crazy four-year journey going from being flatmates who ventured into the dangerous territory of rebound flirtation to spending the rest of our lives together; but at the same time, it’s been totally effortless. Without getting too cliche, I get to marry my best friend.

We’re holding off on too much wedding planning up front. To be honest, there’s so much change going on right now, the last thing we need is to worry about what kind of bunting we’ll have or whether or not we send out save the date cards. The important bits (style, locations, time of year) we’ve pretty much sorted, so now it’s just a matter of actually getting out there and doing it. 

I’m really glad I have a background working in PR though. The event planning experience is totally going to come in handy. Bring on the colour coding, spreadsheets and clipboards. 



The veil of social

Recently I wrote a blog post for a news site that has attracted some negative attention. The gist of it is, I wrote a piece on a rhetorical question because there hasn’t been any research on the subject. I find the fact that no one *has* done any research curious. Long story short, it blew up into something I didn’t anticipate. Debate-wise, I take a lot of the points on board. I might have worded things slightly different in hindsight, but I still stand by the overall point and I’m not going to change it because a small percentage of people took offense.

However, my frustration with it all actually stems from the fact that people, thinly veiled by eight time zones, a different culture and an axe to grind, are not interesting in having a conversation or debate. If you don’t agree, absolutely fine, but let’s figure out each others’ motivations first before going in for the attack.

We’re not boring, we’re domestic.

It’s shocking how quickly you get back into an old routine. We did ‘nearly dry January’, which means no alcohol apart from my birthday weekend. We were climbing the walls, but sleeping the night all the way through, having the energy for the gym and losing all the Christmas weight made it ever so slightly easier.

This first week in February made a harmonious January feel like a distant memory. Body pump Monday, lovely dinner with Jaz on Tuesday, theatre on Wednesday (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was pure imagination. Loved it.), and working till 8 on Thursday and sadly, Friday.

Our weekends have become painfully normal. Not in a bad way, we’ve just become terribly domestic. Homebase, the big Sainsbury’s on Finchley Road, Yoga on Sunday and hopefully today a trip down to the Black Lion (our local gorgeous if not slightly overpriced pub). 

Though we still manage to retain a couple ‘cool’ activities that don’t scream of responsibility. We’ve been prepping tunes for next weekend’s party in Oxford. I may even have the guts to play a graveyard set. We’ll see though. 

Oh, and I found tater tots in London. Bacon-wrapped, cheese covered tater tots. Hurts so good.


There’s more to London than restaurants

970388_10101175072193004_497622277_nComing from a foodie, it’s tough to say, but I fell out of love critiquing restaurants. It’s still something I often do, but recently (ok, the past 18 months), I’ve done it in private. There was something about it that, towards the end of my regular blogging stint, that began to annoy me.

Certain restaurants I went to, I found I didn’t really have anything interesting to say. I was priced out of a lot of others. The food blogger community is a bit cliquey. It got old, I got busy, so I stopped.

In the meantime, I’ve had a really good time not feeling the guilt of not having posted for a week, and then a month and then two… I was enjoying more of what London had to offer. Charlie and I moved into an amazing flat, I worked my way up the corporate ladder a bit more, went to South Africa, finally had my mom visit. I was and am busy just enjoying life.

I do miss blogging though and so I’ve decided to take it back up, but without guilt and without a ‘theme’. Nom nom London isn’t just about eating anymore, it’s about devouring everything the city has to offer me, even if it’s a few mundane pictures of my garden and what Charlie and I did last week.

Here’s to hoping I keep it up this time.