Microwave cake and Belgo Lobsterfest

I just admitted to an American friend of mine over the weekend that I often decide if something is worth buying based on the exchange rate between dollar and pound three years ago (about 2 to 1) because that’s when I first started coming to London. Needless to say, this is why I don’t go out that often and have Cheerios sent from home.

I’ve therefore made it part of my every day routine to save a ton of money by cutting corners, not going out to eat too much, and spending sensibly when I do. I seem to have found over the past week some really great deals and fun ideas that I feel would be a travesty not to pass on.

1. Microwave mug cake found at Fun Foods on a Budget

Absolutely brilliant idea. Put a few key cake ingredients into a mug, microwave on high for 3 minutes, and presto(!) poor man’s souffle.

2. Lobsterfest at Belgo

I was recently invited to this delicious taste test of lobster goodness. Belgo, the Belgian restaurant chain has a promotion all through June where you can get a choice of three different lobster mains for under £20 and three different lobster starters for under £8. True, this isn’t exactly in my budget as an every day food stop, but this is about a cheap as it gets for lobster in London. I recommend the Thai Red Curry lobster starter and the surf and turf. Very very tasty!

Side note: I don’t think anything should be called Lobsterfest unless there are Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits in the mix.

Additional side note: I totally remember when Red Lobster introduced those on to the menu to replace those awful KFC-esque ones. It’s one of the happiest memories of my childhood.

Maybe I should have my mom send me some of those instead of Cheerios…

Belgo Centraal on Urbanspoon


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