Introducing: om nom London


Just what London needs – another food blogger.  Oh yes, indeed.

That’s right, folks. It’s finally time I started a food blog.  It’s still a work in progress, so I apologise up front. I’m sorting out my sidebars and blogrolls, making sure I’m happy with the design (not sure about it yet) and backposting all of my food-related posts from my Tumblr blog.

I’ve written an About page and registered the domain to begin. I suppose those are the important bits.  The rest will all fall into place! Hopefully I’ll have it all completed within the week.

I won’t bore you with the details, but as this is the first original post on om nom London, I figure I should at least let you know the reasons I started this blog in the first place.

  1. My memories are inextricably tied to the food I eat.  Remembering my meals is a way to help me catalog my life experiences, which is something very important to me living in a different country
  2. I already take pictures of pretty much everything I eat and I can can be quite vocal about what I like and what I don’t
  3. Eating at home in London has been an interesting experience. Even though you can find the same ingredients here, there are slight differences I find intriguing. This especially comes true when looking at consumer food products. A favourite comparison of mine is American ‘Yellow Box’ Cheerios and British ‘Weird sorta multi-grain with a lot of sugar coating’ Cheerios. Sorry, but the Americans have it right on those. They’re infinitely better.

I’ll be posting restaurant reviews, recipes for things I’ve made at home and all the little foodie observations that probably occupy too much of my free time.




  1. Yes, London does need another food blog, there can never been too many. I am totally with you on my memories tied to what I eat. I haven\’t really ever said it like that, but it\’s completely true.

    Looking forward to more blogs and perhaps even a few meals when I get back to LDN.

  2. I\’ll be watching this space for good food ideas! I think you and I have similar thoughts on good stuff to eat, so I trust your opinion! Looking forward to what comes next!

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