Oooze – Goodge street

ooze risotto london
I honestly can’t think of a worse name for a restaurant than ‘Oooze‘.  Maybe Crap Burgers or Shite Food or if you’re fancy, Dégoûtant, but even those have a certain giggle value. Ooze is just a gastro-linguistic nightmare.

Luckily for them the food isn’t as bad as the name would imply.

I order the seafood risotto with mussels, prawn(s), baby squid and chili.  The risotto itself was cooked very nicely – not over done, just light enough. Very good, and the spices were excellent.  Today was hot – really really hot – and the fact that I had ordered and ate an entire bowl full of carbohydrates didn’t even cross my mind!

Unfortunately, however, the stuff with which my lovely risotto was served was not quite as amazing.  First, out of the 3 mussels that came on my plate, one of them never opened its shell and one shell didn’t even have its mussel inside. Second, I think I counted about 2 pieces of squid. Third, the prawns that were in the dish (apart from the giant centre piece one) were about the size of my pinky nail and really overdone.  For £11.95, it seemed like I could have had at least 2 out of 3 mussels edible….

I’d go back if someone was paying, or maybe for lunch if I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted some risotto.

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  1. I love some of the dishes Ooze (have you tried the bruschetta?), but I’ve always found it a tad too expensive. They’ve got though a spin-off mini-restaurant at the Westfields shopping center, and that one is much more reasonable (£6-£9). The risottos are much more simpler, with less “special” ingredients, but they taste just as good.

  2. I’ve always wanted to go here but never made it. Disappointing lack of seafood, that’s exactly what I’d order too I reckon. I do find myself really really really wanting risotto on occasion!

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