Square Bar, Shoreditch House – Shoreditch

Shoreditch House

Here’s my thing about Shoreditch House: I like it, but I feel like I should like it more. Everyone raves, but I can’t stop thinking that they do so because they think they should.  The space itself is fabulous. Where else can you get a bowling alley, swimming pool, restaurants, bars and pretty people all in one place? But my thing about a members-only club that you pay thousands of pounds per year to be a part of is that in addition to all the amenities, service should be flawless. And the two times I’ve been to Shoreditch House, it’s not been. At all.

My office took a gaggle of journalists out last week for drinks in the Square Bar on the fifth floor of Shoreditch House.  I’ve already mentioned the service, so I won’t concentrate on that. (However, if you want more specifics, service was slow, drinks were missed and there were quite a few visible eye rolls from the staff that weren’t appreciated.) Instead, the food and drinks…


Olives – Some of the best I’ve had actually.  Brilliant green, not too salty. Just sort of perfect.

Quail eggs with some sort of mild creamy sauce – very nice!  I love quail’s eggs. It’s something that you don’t really get in America too much. Quail itself is on every menu under the sun, but their eggs are nowhere to be found.  Incidentally,the best quail egg I ever had was also at Shoreditch house, but it was in the form of a giant scotch egg – and it was cooked by Heston Blumenthal.

Quail Eggs - Shoreditch House

Quail Eggs - Shoreditch House

Foccacia – Didn’t love this.  It was four pieces of bread with sardines, peppers, prosciutto and something else I forgot.  It wasn’t great.


We had pizzas all around, but I only tried two – one with olives and capers, and one with prosciutto and salad.  The latter was wonderful.  Very light, airy and fresh. I love that they didn’t drown the salad-pizza in cheese.  It was perfect.

Prosciutto Pizza - Shoreditch House

Prosciutto Pizza - Shoreditch House


Pom fizz – Meaning pomegranate champagne cocktail.  This was pretty good, but I couldn’t actually taste pomegranate.  In fact, it may be that I was served the wrong drink…

French martini – I loved this, but my friends complained that there wasn’t enough Chambord in it. I should mention, however, that they were all on the Chambord PR team.

Mojito – 10/10. One of the best mojitos I’ve had in a while.  It made me forget the shit weather outside :)

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