One-o-one, Knightsbridge

After a tough week, I decided to treat myself to lunch at Asia de Cuba. I made a reservation, didn’t have breakfast and did a quick check on Google and TFL to make sure I was going in the right direction. Google said South Kensington, and so that’s where I went.

Except that Asia de Cuba is not in South Kensington. It’s in Covent Garden. Which I quickly learned after getting to 15 Cromwell Place (as below) and found a completely different restaurant.  I was already 25 minutes late due to a late Circle line train and completely on the other side of the city. Defeated, I called and canceled.

Asia de Cuba FAIL

Asia de Cuba FAIL

Not having any clue where to go for my fantastic stress-relieving lunch, I walked Westward – and then – success! One-o-one in Knightsbridge – a place I’ve been wanting to go for months.

Even better, a 3 course lunch for £19. Ace.

Starter – Crab lasagna with squid and a tomato cream bisque

one-o-one Crab Lasagne

one-o-one Crab Lasagna

Heaven. The crab was delicately sweet, the squid perfectly cooked and the tomato cream sauce a perfect accent. I sat there thinking what an awful tine I was going to have trying to describe it on here. The picture probably does it better justice.

Main – Lamb with parmesan gnocchi and English asparagus

one - o - one Lamb

one - o - one Lamb

Another winner here. As you can tell, the lamb was perfectly cooked. The gnocchi was a little overcooked as was the asparagus, but I wasn’t bothered. Paired with a zesty Italian red, and Asia de Cuba was (nearly) forgotten.

Dessert course – Camembert and Gruyere with red oak salad, raisin bread and quince jelly

one - o - one Cheese Plate

You know, I never thought much of raisin bread.  It’s always been good, but you know, it’s… raisin bread.

The raisin bread on this cheese plate may be some of the best bread I’ve ever had in my life. The rest of the cheese plate, lovely as it was, doesn’t matter.  Order it for the bread.  And go back for breakfast, where they serve it with honey.

That is all.

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  1. I have to say I really didn’t rate One O One. My seabass was very poorly cooked and the petit fours were shockingly bad. That said, I know people who have had a good meal there so either I am going mental or the kitchen is very patchy.

  2. one o one was on my list of prix fixe lunch restaurants to visit, but i ended up going back to ramen seto twice. what a mistake! crab lasagna looks amazing.

    p.s. just found out that asia de cuba is run by china grill conglomerate.

  3. Oh this looks fabulous. I have to say your blog is full of photos that make me want to run to the restaurant right away. I’d be up for sharing your Asia de Cuba cocktail voucher if you still want someone to go with!

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