Le Bonbonniere de Buci – Paris, 6eme

Le Bonbonniere de Buci

No trip to Paris is complete without swinging by a patisserie. Le Bonbonniere de Buci was recommended to me by Tim, who stops by there every time he’s in Paris for one specific reason: their Grand Marnier cake.

Le Bonbonniere de Buci

Looks rich, doesn’t it? Actually my stomach aches just thinking about it. I don’t know the recipe for this cake, but I would imagine it might go something like this:

  1. Take a bottle of Grand Marnier, add two cups of sugar, shake thoroughly and let it sit over night
  2. Then take the richest, sweetest piece of yellow layer cake you can make and place it in a large mixing bowl
  3. Pour the entire bottle of sugar-laced Grand Marnier over the piece of cake and let that sit for, oh, about a week or so
  4. When Grand Marnier is completely absorbed, remove from bowl, cover the whole thing in coarse sugar and take a creme brulee torch to the top

If that sounds a bit much to you, you’d be right.  I actually felt a little tipsy after eating half of it. At that point I gave up.  I had quite a mess on my hands too:

Sorry Tim, not sure I could stomach this one again.  There are far less messy dessert to be had at the Bonbonniere, and I intend to try one of those next time instead.

Le Bonbonniere de Buci
12, Rue Buci, 75006 Paris, France
+33 1 43 26 97 13


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