La Fontaine de Mars – Paris 7eme

le fontaine de mars

Sadly, this is my last Paris restaurant review from my weekend. Honestly though, it’s probably a good thing. I spent way too much money on food than is healthy for one person in a weekend – and I didn’t even get into l’Astrance.

La Fontaine de Mars came on a recommendation from one of my favourite London people (and fellow American) TikiChris.  It’s situated on a side street right near the Eiffel Tower, where I promptly went to take a nap in front of when finished with my meal.

As it was lunch, and I had already put a considerable dent in my pocketbook, I couldn’t go all out. I had… a main course and a glass of wine. (Lo! For I can hear all the foodies in the world fainting at the prospect!)

I didn’t want anything too heavy, so I opted for seabass with homemade gnocchi and lima beans:

le fontaine de mars duraude seabass

Mmmm… Doesn’t that look lovely? It was.

There was a lovely glaze on the fish, rich like a gravy, but much lighter. The skin was nicely salted, which was balanced out by the creamy gnocchi.  The beans were slightly overcooked as they completely fell apart on my fork every time I tried to take a bite, but the taste wasn’t compromised at all.

With a glass of wine and a coffee, the meal came to 37 euro, which, in all honesty is extortion considering the amount of food I got for the same price at much fancier establishments. They charged me 6.50 for a cappuccino. I mean, come on… really? To my American friends, that’s like 10 bucks. Ridonkulous.

So, yes – Go to La Fontaine de Mars, it’s very tasty. But for god’s sake, don’t order a cappuccino.

La Fontaine de Mars
129, Rue St Dominique
, 75007 Paris, France

+33 1 47 05 46 44



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