Urban Spoon

As you’ll notice, I link to Urban Spoon reviews on each of my restaurant reviews.  It’s a brilliant site and has given me quite a few ideas of where I want to eat next.  Obviously they like it when bloggers get the word out about them too, so they started this incentive programme, where if you review a restaurant that no one else has reviewed, you get a voucher.

Cool beans, right?

But – and this is a big ‘but’ – the voucher is for Cinnabon.  Yep. Cinnabon:

I don’t know. Maybe I’m being too snooty, but are any Londoners really going to go for the sloppy 900-calorie dessertbreakfast that only American tourists on Oxford Street probably get?

How about a voucher for a proper restaurant? Even something like Wagamama’s?  I’d be there in a second.

Now who would like a Cinnabon voucher?  I have, like, 5 to give away.



  1. Did you see the PR for Cinnabon? I somehow got onto their mailing list. Truly dreadful. Let me quote some of it for you…I’m not kidding….

    I thought you might be interested in the attached images taken of our 3 lovely hunks who were stopping traffic yesterday and causing a stir amongst commuters (especially the ladies!) on Oxford Street during a sampling exercise for the nearby Cinnabon cafe. The activity was undertaken to raise awareness of the brand (which is already hugely popular in the states) in London. Hold ups were created on the pavements as groups of girls stopped to enjoy the eye candy and have their snaps taken with the boys.

    …half-naked men. Cinnabon. They obviously know way more about their product and who buys it than I do, but why would I ever post those photos on my blog???

    1. Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it? I mean, you *do* write about restaturants, and Cinnabon is kinda like food… ;-)

      I have to laugh about ‘hugely popular in the States’. Perhaps they should have used a different word? It’s wrong on so many levels.

      Also, I wonder if they knew you were American? They shouldn’t have had to tell you it was popular in the US.

  2. The thing I most dislike about Cinnabon is that it has made Oxford Street smell like an American mall. That ain’t right.

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