Bertorelli – Fitzrovia

Dear Bertorelli,

Awww, according to Urban Spoon down below, no one seems to like you. That’s really unfortunate because the two meals I’ve had at your Charlotte Street location have been very yummy indeed.

This first time I went with a friend from work, the second on a client meeting.  The client meeting one, obviously a bit more grand.

We started out with some of your nice bread and foccacia, a nice olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Our server suggested an absolutely lovely white (not sure what it was because my AD ordered. Tasted a bit like a Chinon Blanc).

The starter:

Whole baby squid filled with crab and saffron risotto in a tomato and basil sauce

Wasn’t exactly what I expected, but very good none the less.  The risotto-ish filling was rich and delicious.  A bit heavy on the tomato, but oh well. The main thing was the squid. It’s soooo easy to mess up.  This was cooked perfectly.  Not rubbery at all.

My main:

Fennel roasted Mediterranean whole sea bass, new potatoes crushed with Gaeta olives and a lemon and mint dressing


I loved this.  Well done, sir.  The skin on the sea bass was crispy. The fish itself melt-in-your-mouth.  The lemon mint dressing was very subtle.  Potatoes were just ok (needed some cracked pepper), but the fish made up for it tenfold.

My only complaint – and this has happened both times – is that your service is incredibly mind-numbingly slow.  While it’s true I was on a client meeting where we were discussing business (therefore didn’t want to rush), I think the whole meal from start to finish was over 2 hours.  My advice to your future patrons: Don’t go super hungry because you’ll end up eating your own arm before your starters arrive.

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