Canteen – Baker Street

I got to the gym a lot earlier than I anticipated and was surprisingly famished, so I decided to get a quick breakfast at Canteen next door.  I’ve been to Canteen a few times, but always for dinner. I always see people enjoying nice breakfasts reading the paper on Sunday mornings, why not give it a whirl?

I was going to spinning class where I’d be sweating off half my body weight, so I didn’t want anything too big or heavy. I opted for the £4 poached egg on toast.

Canteen egg on toast

The calorie-conscious American in me nearly had a heart attack when I saw how much butter they put on the toast.  It was seriously soggy, though I know part of that may have been the egg.   Another thing: one egg was cooked more than the other.  I don’t like my egg too runny, so obviously I liked one, but not so much the second.

The bread they used was lovely, but I kept dreaming about the raisin toast at One O One.

All in all, it was good, but I won’t be going out of my way to have breakfast there before the gym again.

Canteen Baker Street  on Urbanspoon


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