Pei Wei – Rochester, Michigan

This was my first meal back in the States with my mom.  I was exhausted from the flight and starving, and really wanted some Chinese food. My mom suggested something a little nicer.

Pei Wei is the cheap version of PF Changs, and PF Changs – for my British friends – is a sort of upscale Chinese food chain. It’s good. If you’re ever in a nice mall in the States, it’s a safe bet you’ll find one there.

I started out with just a spring roll.

It came with a sweet chilli sauce that tasted exactly like the one at Hakuba.  The spring roll wasn’t too greasy and had a nice mixture of filling inside. Fabulous little starter for just over $2.

My main was Thai Dynamite Shrimp. Pan-fried shrimp with a sriracha-soy suace, spring onions and brown rice.

The rice was awful – completely undercooked. The sauce was just ok. The shrimp was fine, could have been a bit crispier, but when something is seeped in as much sauce as these prawns were, you have to be forgiving.  Not a winner.

Pei Wei isn’t particularly interesting or even particularly good, but it does the job when you want Chinese food, but don’t want to risk health code violations at your local Chinese take-away.


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