Zingerman’s Roadhouse – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Zingerman’s is something of a legend in the Midwest. It started out as a small deli in Ann Arbor and has expanded into something short of an empire.

People come from near and far to queue for an hour outside in order to eat $15 Zingerman’s sandwiches at a picnic table outside with no server. It’s something I’ve never really quite understood. Seven dollar brownies, $4 biscuits. I mean, everything is good and very high-quality, but it can not justify the exorbitant amount of money they charge.

And so, it’s no surprise that the 4 times I’ve been to Zingerman’s Roadhouse – the empire’s only full service restaurant – I always feel like I’ve been cheated out of a boatload of money. (Like the time I paid $17 for macaroni and cheese that was basically a block of lukewarm cheddar)

Anyway, the only reason I went this time is because my girlfriends and I really wanted to go to Aut Bar for brunch on the only Saturday I was in Ann Arbor, but as we quickly found out, they’re only open for brunch on Sunday. Bummer.

We himmed and hawed about where to go when Lauren suggested the Roadhouse. I had my reservations about it, but finally gave in.

As a special treat, we indulged in some doughnuts as a starter.

Looks good, doesn’t it?

Yeah… try biting into something that is seriously only grease. Like, ‘run down your chin’ hot grease. It was ludicrous. Ick.

I had higher hopes for the Eggs Benedict with lump crab:

Looks good, doesn’t it?

Yeah… try stale cold bread, one overcooked poached egg/one undercooked poached egg and about 2 shreds of crab.

I almost NEVER do this, but I sent it back. It was inedible. And my friend Emily who ordered the same thing, did as well.

To replace it, I ordered the black bean and hamani burger:

Looks good, doesn’t it?

Actually, it was! But unfortunately by this time, I was super full and could barely finish. It was a messy burger, indeed, so I had to eat it English-style with a fork and knife. Really tasty though, and a relatively good deal (Zingerman’s wise) at $12. The sweet potato wedges, in particular, were fabulous.

Yummy sweet potato wedges or not though, I still think Zingerman’s is ridiculously overpriced and so not worth it at all.

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  1. Get me to Michigan. Oh my gosh, that stuff looks delicious. I just finished supper, stuffed actually, but this has me wishing I could be at your table right now. Any chance you could put a chain down here south of Atlanta? Please.

  2. beautiful photos and well-written reviews! i promise i will never get the same thing as you again the next time we dine together. i think there is a curse… :( miss ya!

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