Med Kitchen – Cambridge Circus

Normally I wouldn’t find myself anywhere near one of these restaurants. So how did I end up here? Friday night last minute + Top Table reservation gone awry + going to Avenue Q down the street + no other choice = Cheap 3-course for 15 deal at Med Kitchen.

I started out with what I thought was a proper duck salad, but ended up being a duck pate of sorts:

This wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but there was far too little bread for the amount of pate they give you. I’m not a big fan of eating meat paste on its own. (I can here my veggie friends groaning at that. Sorry)

For my main, Penne Arrabiata:

Not too bad. The penne wasn;t overcooked and the sauce had a nice kick to it. Only thing that was confusing was the amount of greens on top.  It should have been a garnish – instead it just dried the whole thing out. If you’re going to have that much, you need to have more sauce.

Dessert was vanilla creme brulee:

By far, the best of the night. It was the perfect temperature, had a nice crust and wasn’t too sweet. Very very nice.

Looking back on the whole meal, it was all a bit underwhelming. There are plenty of better restaurants in the area, so if you have more than a couple hours notice, check out other options first. But you know… live and learn.

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