Vinoteca – Clerkenwell

I had been wanting to go to Vinoteca for AGES, and for some reason, it just never worked out. The first time it was a bank holiday, the second time they were just randomly closed and the third time, they were too busy. The fourth time I finally got in – after a 2 hour wait (which was spent at a pub down the street).

If you haven’t gathered, Vinoteca is busy. Always busy. And loud. Too loud. However, I’m willing to ignore these things because A) they have excellent food and B) They have excellent wine.

My friend Dom and I split just a couple small plates.

The cheese plate:


Brilliant soft, hard and pungent cheese served with a pear chutney, sweet crackers and fresh bread. Yum!

Duck parfait, cornichons and toast:


Probably a mistake on my part since I hate anything in the cucumber family… the duck was good though and the toast, fresh.

Clams and mussels in a white win and butter sauce:


Absolutely delicious. Dom and I scarfed these down in minutes, I think. Gold star.

It was actually a while ago that we went here, and silly me didn’t write down what we were drinking, but the wine selection is great. It’s very nice to see different pours on a list that aren’t just Merlot, Cabernet, blah blah blah.

I can’t wait to go back and have a proper meal here.

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