Koba – Fitzrovia

I love Korean food, and about a month or two ago, I realised it had been way way way too long since I had any. In fact, going over the back catalogue of restaurants in my head, I couldn’t actually remember if I had ever had Korean food in London.  I immediately sought to rectify what was fast becoming a tragedy.

Koba is a small Korean restaurant not too far from where I work. They have a lunch special – something like a main with a side and soup for £6.50. Score.

I opted for an additional starter: the seafood pancake

Koba London Korean

All too often these can end up being way too greasy. This wasn’t without fault, but it was still really tasty. It was more crispy than soggy, which is always better.  There was a lot more seafood on it than I was expecting, and the dipping sauce was perfect in that it didn’t overpower anything. It just gave it a little extra kick.

I had to go with the dolsot bibimbap for my main course. Only problem was I was so eager, I forgot to take a picture till half way through eating.

For those who haven’t had it before, dolsot bibimbap is essentially a dish consisting of rice topped with separated Korean veggies, beef and egg served in a sizzling hot stone bowl. Here’s a picture that’s not mine:

When it’s brought out, you have to let it sit for a little while. Only as the rice begins to crisp in the bowl, do you begin to stir everything around. You’ll often find the beef and egg to be raw on top, so as you stir, the bowl itself cooks the ingredients. Spoon in some gochuchang (a hot red pepper paste) to taste, and you’re all set.

Mine, halfway eaten:

bibimbap London

This was soooo good – especially the gochuchang. I swear, I could have it on almost anything.  My only tiny gripe is that there could have been more kimchi, but I asked for a bit more and they brought it over straightaway. Something tells kimchi isn’t in high demand in the UK…

It’s no secret that my favourite bibimbap was at Pacific Rim in Michigan on their now-defunct lunch menu. However, Koba’s is about the closest I’ve come to finding a replacement. I will be going here again and again.

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  1. I almost went to Koba on Saturday, but ended up at Soju instead. Guess what I had??? The dolsot bibimbap!

    Hey are you on Foursquare yet? I am addicted…

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