Boheme Kitchen and Bar – Soho

I came to Boheme Kitchen and Bar with a couple clients and colleagues for our Christmas lunch. I’d been to the Boheme coffee shop next door, but never to the restaurant.

I had mixed impressions when we walked in. Part of it looked really cozy, but part of it looked like they just tried to spiff up a pub. All the tables were really close together (so much so that you could barely get in and out of your seat), but the chairs were all really comfy (so much so that you didn’t really want to get up).

I didn’t know how much those first impressions would foreshadow the afternoon because mixed impressions were pretty much the theme of the entire dining experience….

We ordered some wine and a sharing platter of calamari, hummus and nachos.

Impression 1: The calamari is a bit greasy. On the other hand, the breading is nice. I also love it when restaurants bring the lemon wrapped in cheese cloth.
Impression 2: The nachos are really goupy – too many toppings. But, the actual chip is light as a feather
Impression 3: The hummus is creamy and delicious. Ew… what’s that aftertaste and why is the bread kind of stale?

For my main, I went for the BBQ Ribs.

Impression 1: The ribs on top are tough and dry
Impression 2: The rack on the bottom are so moist, the meat falls off the bone
Impression 3: The chips are brilliant, but there’s not nearly enough of them.

If you hadn’t guessed, Boheme is strictly 50/50. Some stuff is going to be good, some is not. You just have to play a bit of Russian Roulette, and you’ll be fine. I’d go back, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

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