Restaurant Bucegi – Sinaia, Romania

Another gem from my trip to Romania…

After train ride to Sinaia in Transylvania, a near-attack by stray dogs, and getting lost on the way to Peles Castle, I was STARVING. Like, raving lunatic ‘You-Wouldn’t-Like-Me-When-I’m-Angry’ hungry.

I stopped at one of the first places I saw, a half traditional Romanian restaurant, half pizzeria called Restaurant Bucegi.

I was going back and forth about what type of food I should order. I mentioned in my last post, the Italian influence on Romanian cuisine. The happy result of this is the amazing Italian food in the country.  Even though I’d already had pizza in Romania at least 3 times by this point, I opted for it again. I’m so glad I did.

Pizzeria Bucegi, Sinaia Romania

Gorgeous bubbly crust, melted cheese, fresh ingredients… Who’d of thought that a little hole in the wall would produce better pizza than I ever had in Italy?

And the thing is, Bucegi isn’t really unique. It’s about the same as every other Italian place I went to. Cheap, good food, and something for everyone.  And to top it all off, my bill came out to the equivalent of £6 with a main, a glass of wine, still water, coffee and service.

Restaurant Bucegi
Sinaia, Bd. Carol I, Nr. 22
Tel: +40 (0) 244 313 902

–Restaurant photo from‘s Sinaia Gallery


One comment

  1. And this one was a good choice too! We used to have pizza here all the time when we went in summer camp at Sinaia. Good to hear it’s still tasty :).

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