Club Bart – Ferndale, Michigan

Brunch – proper brunch – is one of my favourite meals in the world. It’s something I haven’t really been able to find an American equivalent of in London. If I want Huevos Rancheros or a fatty Denny’s-style om nom skillet, I’m pretty much forced to either A) make it myself or B) go back to America. So when I was in Michigan for Christmas, I took advantage of everything breakfast with booze has to offer.

One of my first stops was Club Bart in Fashionable Ferndale.

As my friend and I sat down, I realised just how hungry I was. Only problem was I couldn’t decide to go for sweet or savoury. Normal people would just flip a coin or get over themselves and choose one. Me? I just ordered both.

My savoury was Stuffed Breakfast Biscuits:

(American biscuits, if it’s not clear)

Club Bart Brunch Ferndale

Light, fluffy and buttery biscuits – one stuffed with spinach and feta, and the other with bacon and brie. It also came with two poached eggs and hash browns. Besides being an absolute heartattack on a plate, this was great. It’s everything a fatty American breakfast should be. I think even Paula Deen would be shocked at how much delicious butter was used in this dish.

I also ordered a Blueberry Pancake:

Club Bart Brunch Ferndale

I love that you can get a single pancake add-on for $2 at almost any brunch place in the States. Even if you only take a couple bites, it’s worth it. The pancake wasn’t particularly memorable, but it definitely hit the spot.

Now… if anyone knows where I can get a good American style brunch in London complete with mimosas/Buck’s Fizz and a sizable Mexican section (I’m desperate for a decent breakfast burrito), I’m all ears.

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