Ole – Putney

I’ve been making more of an effort to get outside of Zone 1 to eat. So far, it’s been great. Tagine was obviously a great success, I’m supposed to go back to The Exhibit in Balham this Friday and a couple weeks ago, I made it out to Putney to have dinner with my friend Gary Andrews at his favourite tapas place, Ole.

Putney is really inconvenient to get to, I should mention. From work on Tottenham Court Road, it took me a little over an hour. I was starved and late, and feeling generally awful, so when walking into Ole, and pretty much finding it empty – I was ecstatic. Food would be delivered quickly! And my god, was it. Probably less than 10 minutes after we ordered and less than 5 minutes from the point our wine arrived. I was almost suspicious.

Being tapas, we decided to just split everything. I chose two dishes, and Gary chose three.

My two were the gruyere with quince jelly and the croquetas:

ole putney

ole putney

I know it’s a bit boring to do so, but I honestly can’t go to a tapas place without ordering them. I find that it’s quite easy to judge a place based on their staples. Both were adequate, but nothing special (which sums up the restaurant, sure enough). Gruyere and quince jelly is pretty hard to mess up to be honest. I really should stop getting it in restaurants though. I could get it at Whole Foods with a better quality cheese for less money per portion.

The croquetas had different fillings, but I couldn’t for the life of me distinguish which ones were which. Nice breading and just out of the fryer though.

Gary chose the prawns and garlic, the calves liver and chorizo.

ole putney

ole putney

ole putney

Prawns were delicious, but maybe a bit too heavy on the garlic.

The calves liver was the hit of the night. Just a really robust dish served with potatoes and onions. At £6.95, it was by far the largest dish and a total steal.

The chorizo was ok, but I really wish it had come with something. It was a nice portion, but I really could have used some sort of accompaniment. We had bread from the beginning of the meal, which I used to make little chorizo sandwiches out of, but it wasn’t enough.

I’m really glad we went for five dishes. My eyes tend to be bigger than my stomach at places like this, but by the end of the night, I was perfectly satiated.

Ole was good, but I’m not sure I would travel to Putney to go again. Fino, although far far far more expensive, is around the corner from work, and ridiculously amazing.

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  1. you must give me the recipe for the liver. it looks fantastic. i have about 5 lbs of fresh liver sitting in my fridge. i feel another movie and wine night coming up…perhaps “les yeux sans visage” or “le sang des bêtes” by mr. franju.

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