Saki – Bayswater

Someday, I’m going to come across a little hole-in-the-wall Japanese place that has amazing food for super cheap and no one knows about it. And every time I go to a little hole-in-the-wall Japanese place – like Saki in Bayswater – I think, ‘maybe today is the day!’

And then I end up sorely disappointed.

It’s not that Saki wasn’t good. It’s just so average, normal and unsurprising. I’ve been sitting on this blog post for ages because I’m just not really sure what to say about it.

When I walk in, it’s completely empty. I’m waiting for a friend and the owner shows me to a table and graciously takes my coat. I really like him. He’s very smiley, very approachable.  I wonder when was the last time they had a customer…

When my friend arrives, I’m starved, and so we just get some Chicken Gyoza:

saki bayswater

They’re a bit greasy and chewy, to be fair. And way too little dipping sauce.  I ate them because I was hungry, but I wouldn’t recommend them.

For my main, I went with Soba Noodles and Prawn Tempura:

Saki bayswater

Oddly enough, I wasn’t expecting a soup when I ordered this. It was under the noodle section and not the soup section (which did include noodle soups), so I was a bit confused.  It was ok though.  The broth was mild, the tempura was light and the noodles weren’t soggy. But again, nothing special.

Saki does the job it’s supposed to, I guess. If you have a random craving for Japanese and don’t want to overpay at the Yo! Sushi at Whiteleys across the street, I’d say go for it.  Otherwise, avoid.

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