The Exhibit – Balham

Just having been to Balham for the first time ever a few weeks ago, I was surprised to find myself back there so soon – and at the same place, no less. This time, however, I wasn’t there for a hip engagement party, but for a special Qype event, a screening of Anchorman at The Exhibit‘s very cozy (and very cool!) private cinema – complete with Ron Burgandy mustaches. Oh, yes. We were also offered half off their menu at the restaurant after the screening.

So after a rather tumultuous time getting to Balham on a Friday night with a completely wrecked Northern line, I arrived. After the film, nine of us Qypers went down one floor, prepared to devour anything that was put in front of us. After all, half off is half off!

I couldn’t figure out what I wanted, save for the fact that I was craving chips. Looking at the starters though, I chose something called a crab roll, which was a bit of a puff pastry with a crab filling, drizzled with hollandaise sauce.

The Exhibit Balham

It arrived fairly quickly, but still managed to be sort of cold. There was very little crab in the roll, and the hollandaise kind of tasted like it came out of a squeezy bottle (and I’m not even sure there is such a thing)

Since the only main that came with chips was a burger that’s what I went for.

The Exhibit Balham

They didn’t ask me how I’d like it cooked, which is always a bad sign. Sure enough, my 8 ounces of beef came out really well done. It managed to be jucier than I would of thought, but – and this is really weird – the beef was almost grainy. The chips, however, were gorgeous. It was worth it for them.

At the end of the night when our bill came, it ended up being £179 for 9 of us – approximately £19 per person before tip. This didn’t sit right with me. All of our mains were £9 a piece before the 50% discount, and all the starters were £3 before discount. We got 3 bottles of wine at £15, so even assuming those weren’t half off, we should have only paid £11 per person before tip. I tried to bring this up, but got kind of a cold response from another Qyper. I’m not sure if I was annoyed more by being snapped at, at paying £23 in total for what was honestly a really crap meal or the fact that The Exhibit didn’t go through with what they promised.

I love you Qype, but I won’t be coming back to The Exhibit any time soon.

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