Hi Sushi Izakaya – Covent Garden

I love the ballet. I go to pretty much every ballet that’s on at the Royal Opera House – way up in the cheap seats, mind you, but I still go. Because the performances usually start at 7:30, and I’m done with work about 6:30, I have just enough time to grab a quick bite to eat. I usually end up going for something super cheap – takeaway or M&S, but on my way to see As One/Rushes/Infra (the last triple bill performance of the Winter series), I decided to treat myself.

I had a craving for sushi, and found Hi Sushi Izakaya just around the corner from the Royal Opera House.

As a single diner, I was immediately shuffled to the counter. It was fine, but I always prefer to be given the choice. I order a glass of Gewurztraminer and the Spicy Fried Tofu to start.
Hi Sushi Izakaya

While I was hugely impresed by the portion for just over £3, the tofu breading lacked anything ressembling spiciness. It was bland and a bit overdone. No dipping sauce either!

I ordered two rolls for dinner:Prawn, avocado, tempura with eel sauce and a hamachi spring onion with sweet chili

Hi Sushi Izakaya

Hi Sushi Izakaya

Both were actually very nice. At around £5 each, the portion was more than adequate, and the rolls were fresh. The prawn roll was a little skint on the eel sauce, but when I asked for more, they happily brought me a side, which I promptly used as a dipping sauce for my over-fried tofu. Bonus!

My only complaint (apart from the tofu) is the waterfall. I’m guessing a waterfall that goes into a mini koi pond is supposed give the restaurant more of a Japanese-relaxing-‘spa’ touch, but the thing was so bloody loud, it felt like I was eating next to someone drawing a bath. They could really tone that down a touch.

Otherwise, good. Recommended. Just avoid the tofu.

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  1. This is a money tip – generally I eat the veggie crisps also available at the bar. And the last time I did a late night post-show run to Mooli’s (post 4+ hours of Placido-less Tamerlano). That was not good for either food appreciation or digestion.

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