The Salt Yard – Fitzrovia

I love getting surprise visitors.  Earlier this month, I got an e-mail from an old Pacific Rim restaurant colleague who was going to be in London for a couple days chaperoning a group of students in the hospitality programme at my old University, wanting to know if I was around for a drink.  I suggested meeting the The Salt Yard for some wine and tapas.

After the initial catch-up chat, we opt for some food. We each chose two dishes. Stupidly, I forgot my camera, and had to make do with  low-light and an iPhone, hence the crap quality photos.  Apologies.

First up, the Jamon Croquetas with Manchego:

The Salt Yard

Really nice! The manchego filling was creamy, but it could have had a bit more oomph.

Chris really wanted to get the Cornish Mackerel Tartare with Apple, Celeriac and Coriander Shoots:

The Salt Yard

Here’s another offender in the ‘let’s not put cucumber on the menu description, but stick it in the dish anyway’ list.  I had one bite before the throat started to contract. I’m sure it was lovely, but it wasn’t for me. Not their fault entirely, of course – just my stupid aversion to cucumber.

My second choice was the Saffron Arancini with Mussels, Crab, Squid and a Chilli Aioli:

The Salt Yard

These were amazing!  Delicious saffron risotto balls with seafood.  It was like having fried paella morsels.  I could have had 3 more orders.

Chris chose what was listed on the menu as: Patatas Fritas with Romesco and Aioli. Really, we should have known that meant ‘chips’. I’m a bit ashamed that I didn’t.

The Salt Yard

These were just alright.  The romesco sauce was nice (and the reason Chris wanted to go with this dish), especially when mixed with the aioli, but still – they were just chips. I’m such an idiot – can’t believe we were swayed by menu descriptions in another language. Sheesh.

A couple wins, a couple losses.  There’s a lot on the menu I didn’t try that looked good, so I’ll definitely go back.  Thus, the beauty of tapas.

But please – Restaurants of London – I beg you: When you put cucumber in your dishes, please list it on the menu!

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  1. I would say always go for the pork belly – I’ve not had a bad experience with anything from that bit of a pig in either Salt Yard or Dehesa. Then again, apart from an occasionally disappointing cheeseboard (I’m a bit of a cheese wuss) I’ve not had much that wasn’t great from either.

    I’m going to sit quietly and think of morcilla for a bit now.

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