Yard – Old Street

I was at Yard a few weeks ago when the place was absolutely buzzing with all the Shoreditch office locals. I don’t often get a chance to eat lunch outside of a 5-minute walk radius of my office in Fitzrovia, so it was a rather welcome change.

After walking into the rather industrial/trendy restaurant, we were sat promptly and ordered a bottle of red and a sharing platter starter of  Crostini, Pesto, Olives, Hummous and Tzatziki:

A nice little sharing platter, but nothing more. Everything obviously came out of a jar.

I should mention that Yard is one of those pizza places that serve clever pizzas not by pie, but by yard (hence the name). A quarter yard yields you a normal size pizza though, so for my main, I went with their specialty – 1/4 yard of Crispy Duck Pizza:

I enjoyed this quite a bit. The hoison sauce was a nice blend of five spice – nothing was too overpowering. The duck was indeed crispy. The crust lacked some of the flavour I’ve come to expect at ‘nicer’ pizza joints, but it was certainly edible. In fact, I ate the whole thing (much to my stomach’s dismay).

They were busy, and I can’t complain too much about the service. Everything tasted perfectly fine, but it didn’t leave my mind soaring and my tastebuds reeling.

I’d say Yard sits somewhere in between Zizi and Pizza East in terms of price, quality and cache. It’s just a stone’s throw from Old Street tube station, and worth a try if you’re nearby or Pizza East has too long a wait.

Yard on Urbanspoon


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