Product Review: Tefal Acti-Fry

I was recently invited by the nice people who represent Tefal to the Greaseless Spoon cafe – a pop restaurant that is currently touring the UK. The cafe features food that is prepared by Tefal Nutritious and Delicious products, including the Acti-Fry, a futuristic looking machine that claims to make chips that taste like actual fried chips, but with only 3% fat.

Normally, if I want ‘healthy chips’ I just cut up a potato sprinkle the pieces with a bit oil and paprika and pop them in the oven. Usually they come out ‘just ok’, but they do the trick. Face it though, oven chips are by no means regular chips.  I was sceptical the Acti-Fry would be all that it was cracked up to be.

After going to the Greaseless Spoon, I was thinking my suspicions were correct. The chips and sausages I had that were cooked in the machine were just a bit too soggy for my taste. A lot of other people told me it shouldn’t be the case, so I was happy when I was given the opportunity to try the Acti-Fry out for myself at home. It was also welcomed because following my holiday in Turkey (which was amazing, thanks very much), I’ve been on a diet – and when I’m on a diet, I always crave bad-for-me things like chips.

And you know what? After careful testing, I can officially say that the Acti-Fry a [expletive deleted] amazing machine.  I am officially in love.

One potato weighing in at 150g, a quarter tablespoon of groundnut oil with paprika, red chilli flakes and 20 minutes in the Acti-Fry produced nice crispy chips comes in at under 150 calories – all at the push of a button. If I hadn’t made it myself, I would have thought they came from a takeaway.

So yes, thumbs up for the Acti-Fry.  It’s a pricey at a suggested retail price of £199.99, but Tesco is selling it for £174, and rumour has it you can get it at Costco for £99.  I’d say it’s definitely worth the £99, but in all honesty £200 is a bit steep. Still, if you have the money, it’s totally worth it.



  1. wow, haha. i think if i had one of these machines, i’d be tempted to make fries at least once a week…

  2. I’ve seen this around and I’ve been very curious about it. The chips you made look lovely. I was just wondering, can it be used for other stuff besides chips? I don’t know if I want such a big piece of equipment thats only a one trick pony.

  3. Totally. I made pineapple chicken last week and barbeque chicken with sweet potato and brocolli on Friday – both excellent. Literally just pop all the ingredients in, and hit the button. I love this machine.

  4. Awesome, if i see it in costco for £99 maybe i’ll get it :). I’m always on a diet, so I think I’d love this.
    I am loving your blog btw, saw it on londonelicious. Just checking out your posts, very cool :D
    *kisses* HH

  5. hello i am from peru i liven in nz and i sow this machine with just 1 teaspoon oil sow cool i want have one machine cuthbe cool yess

    tks for show

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