Barrica – Fitzrovia

How many tapas places are there around Goodge Street now? Seven? Eight?  I lose count.  All I know is that now, I *think* I’ve been to at least half.

Located in the former space of the doomed-to-fail-risotto-bar, Oooze, Barrica is the latest (it’s been there for maybe half a year?) Spanish joint to grace the oversaturated market of small plates restruants in Fitzrovia. I went there with my Romanian friend Mihnea who had just moved to London.  We originally just wanted to go for a drink, but the tapas looked to good to pass up.  Looking only for a snack, we split three small dishes:

Salt Cod Croquets:

Braised Veal Cheeks:

Slow-roasted pork and pimentos:

All were lovely, the the veal cheeks in particular stood out. Braised in the dark sticky sweet sherry, Pedro Ximenez, the veal was incredibly tender – served with a light fluffy mash that just melted in your mouth.

The service was adequate. They weren’t too busy, and we were sat at the bar, but somehow it was still difficult to get people’s attention.  I’ve come to expect that in London nowadays though, so no big deal.

I’d put Barrica on level with the Salt Bar, but certainly not on the level of the near-by Fino or (I hear, but have yet to try), Barrafina. A decent place, that I think would do better in my eyes had it not so much competition around.

Barrica on Urbanspoon


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