Sirous – West Hampstead

It was a Friday and I was working late. No fun at all. Plus, my dad was still visiting and I hadn’t found a place to eat. I suggested somewhere in West Hampstead as that’s where he was staying, and it’s not too far from my flat. Only issue was that I’m not that familiar with West Hampstead and I hadn’t made a booking anywhere. I was cranky and feeling picky. I didn’t really want a loud pub atmosphere (this is World Cup time, mind you), my dad still wasn’t used to London prices and I couldn’t pinpoint anything I was in the mood for food-wise.

We ended up at Sirous because – hey, tapas – you can get anything you want. We were seated in the middle of the restaurant next to a large party who were – honest to god – the loudest table I’ve ever heard in my life. The restaurant is confined too, so we couldn’t get away from it.

We weren’t too hungry, so opted to just share a few plates. First up, the Goat Cheese Ratatouille:

This was horrible. Honestly, a terrible dish. The tomato sauce tasted like something out of an out-of-date jar from Iceland, the vegetables were completely overcooked. The goat cheese was ok, but was completely over shadowed by everything else.  With it, my mood plunged deeper into the dumps.

Luckily, the Mushroom Tortilla began to redeem the evening:

A nice flour tortilla, stuffed with veg, chopped mushrooms and just the right amount of coriander. This could easily have been a heavy wrap, but instead it was the perfect size.

Next up, the Seafood Paella (for one):

I couldn’t believe this was supposed to be for one person! At about £12, it was an incredible deal and really really tasty. All the seafood was cooked well, not too rubbery. This dish alone completely made up for the atrocious ratatouille.

I wish the meal was more ‘even’. I hate having such conflicting feelings about a place. It usually then just has to average to ‘It was alright, I guess.’ Go for the paella if you live in the area, and it’s off-peak hours. (I forgot to mention the Spanish music that started around 9pm and made attempt at conversation even more impossible than the loud people next to us).  I’d skip it otherwise.

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  1. Surprised you had such a mixed experience. I come here quite a bit and is usually good – not gourmet food for sure, but good for grazing (and for breakfasts). Service is usually also better than average. Got to say I’d never order goats cheese ratatouille :)

  2. Had brunch here on two occasions and was pleased both times. Great value (under a fiver, and even cheaper before midday) and delicious!

  3. I go there a lot and love the place. True it can be inconsistent at times almost too rustic, but the pluses usually outweigh the minuses. And I love the leather sofas, so nice on a Sunday afternoon. I’ve just had sardines and paprika wedges there in fact. Very nice, though I seemed to get the grilled option not the parsley, lemon & white wine fried option. Latte not hot enough – that was my main issue today though. Chocolate cake dessert – huge – and lovely.

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