Reinwald’s – Copenhagen

Unfortunately one of the perils of travelling alone is the dreaded Saturday night dinner.  While I’m no stranger to independence, dinner time on date night is a little intimidating.  You have to find just the right place – not too busy, small table or bar seat out of the way, as to not attract too much attention.

After wandering around for about an hour, and being turned away from my first choice, Tight, I happened upon Reinwald’s. It was moderately busy, but not so much that I felt guilty for being a single party. There were plenty of two-tops and an interesting menu.  Interesting, because it was quite clear that Reinwald’s specialty was bear.  I’d never had bear before, so I figured ‘what the hell, I’m on holiday, let’s go for it’.

There was a bear tasting menu priced at 500 kroner, which was a bit out of my league for something I wasn’t sure I’d like. I decided to opt for the ‘small plates’, which were much more reasonably priced between 75 and 175 kr.

I started with the Potato Wontons with Bacon and Fresh Chive and Truffle Cream (95 kr):

What could only be described as the lovechild of gnocchi and ravioli, I liked this quite a bit.  Perhaps a bit heavy on the salt and sitting in a bit too much sauce, but it was good, and the cream made for exceptional dipping sauce for the bread basket.

For my main, I decided to do as the Romans do, and ordered the Minced Bear Boeuf with Blackberry Sauce and Onion Compote (175 kr).

Coming out looking like an overdone burger sitting in gravy, I realised within my first bite that I don’t like bear. Or, at least this bear.  It was dense. The onion compote lacked any oniony-ness and if there was any sweetness to the blackberry compote, I was not aware.  The bear burger itself had an aftertaste that took an hour and two glasses of red wine at my hotel to get of. Not a fan.

The bright side to the meal was the service. However, it really just seems be a Copenhagen thing, because I didn’t meet a single surly person during the entire trip. The people are just absolutely lovely.

With service, water and two glasses of wine, the bill came to 381 kr, about 44 undeserving  pounds. I understood very quickly how Copenhagen got the costly reputation it has.  Oh well, they can’t all be like Aamann’s.

Farvegade 15
1463 Kobenhavn
Tel: +45 33 91 82 80



  1. I have to say, when I first saw “bear,” I thought maybe it was a typo and you meant “beer.” Sounds like the flavor was a bit overbearing… zing!

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