More Than a Meal

An off topic post, but one that I think is really important…

Christmas  is a really stressful time for most people. Work is busy and every night seems to be a different event. Top that with trying to figure out what to buy people and the guilt of how realising how you didn’t do all that charity work you promised yourself you would do in January.  Well, there’s one initiative out there I was sent a bit of information on that is the answer!

Centrepoint, a charity that works with young homeless people, has launched their ‘More than a Gift’ campaign. It’s a great cause. Basically, instead of buying a Christmas present for the person who has everything, you can buy a present for a young homeless young person on behalf of one of your loved ones. A bit about the campaign:

These gifts have been carefully selected to bring hope to those at the end of their tether together with the real possibility of a brighter future and the chance of a normal life.

Simply choose a gift. We’ll send your friends and family a beautiful card, or e-cards, personalised with your message and detailing your gift. Or, if you prefer, we’ll send the cards to you to give in person. Alternatively, buy a gift voucher and let the person you are giving the gift to decide how to spend it.

There are a few gift options to choose from, but one I think we can all get behind is the ‘More Than a Meal’ gift, where £7  buys a young person on the streets the meal of a lifetime.  It’s a meal that tastes of ‘hope, comfort, relief, safety, warmth, friendship and the possibility of a better future. No other food in the world tastes this good.’

You can get involved at their website: Centrepoint Gifts


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