Abu Zaad – Edgware Road

This meal was ages ago, I’ll warn you now, but just because it’s a little outdated (I think June or July?) doesn’t mean I don’t remember it well. First off, it was a very rainy Saturday afternoon where a friend and I were caught on Edgware Road – starved, cranky and without an umbrella. We were fairly miserable.

Popping into the first reasonably priced place we saw (if not just to escape the downpour), we had no idea what treats were in store.

Abu Zaad is the second location of a Shepherd’s Bush Syrian cuisine mainstay. The menu features all the normal things you’d expect of such a restaurant, and it seems that I’m the general consensus is they do it best (See the Telegraph review here).

We started out with hummus, lightly dusted with paprika and drizzled with olive oil.  And while the hummus was mostly creamy, it was also accented with whole chickpeas throughout.  Actually, it reminded me of my favourite store-bought hummus that my ex-flatmate used to only be able to get at the Finchley Road Waitrose. The one that I never remember the name of. I’m sure that helps you a lot.

For my main, I went with the Mixed Grill: Skewers of lamb cubes, chicken cubes and minced lamb.

A bit of a kick, this one… The rice and salad helped to calm what could have been an overly spiced dish. Still, it’s savoury charms didn’t go unnoticed.

My friend went with the Chicken Tagine Chicken Couscous:

I remember being very upset I was only allowed to steal one bite. The aroma was rich and utterly consuming. A great dish.

While there are many many many choices of Syrian, Lebanese and pretty much any Middle Eastern food on Edgware Road, do try Abu Zaad. I can’t promise the décor is anything but austere and diner-like, but the meals are so good, you won’t hardly notice.

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  1. Is it Yarden you’re thinking of?
    Sainsbury’s used to sell it, but stopped recently and I can’t find that delicious aubergine dip of theirs anywhere now.

  2. It seems to be one of those things people either love or hate, I love it but a lot of people I know who’ve tried it don’t like how smooth it is, or how much tahini there is in it.

    I did just find this website in my hunt for that grilled aubergine dip!

    http://www.kcuisine.co.uk/index.php?_a=viewCat&catId=185 [my non-existent HTML skills are preventing me from making that a hyperlink]

  3. I believe that the Damasgate supermarket a few doors down from the Shepherds Bush branch is owned by the same people – at any rate, their carrier bags say Damasgate on one side and Abu Zaad on the other. You can get an excellent range of Syrian dips, salads and starters to take away in the supermarket – hummus, mutabbal, foul mdammas, labne, kibbe, falafel, cheese sambousak and more. I haven’t yet made it to Abu Zaad so can’t actually say if these are the same products, but certainly the quality is very good if you want take-home Syrian food.

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