Dishoom – Covent Garden

I’m going to keep this short because, well, Dishoom has been done to death. It’s routinely one of the most talked about restaurants on Urbanspoon, they have a very loyal Twitter following and pretty much every food blogger I know has written about them – anything I say will just be reiterating.

I’ve been to Dishoom now three times – twice for breakfast and once for dinner. All three experiences were consistent in terms of quality and service – it reminded me of service standard back home in the States. I’ll go on about dinner a bit later, but for me, Dishoom is all about breakfast, particularly the Bacon Naan Roll. It is pretty much the best thing ever. Seriously.

Crisp salty bacon with fresh coriander, spicy chutney, other lovely yummy things and wrapped in fresh naan bread all for £3.50 make this the perfect on the go brekkie. It’s not too big either. Perfect for me as I always get overwhelmed by the size of restaurant breakfasts.

I went for dinner in between my two breakfast experiences. Maybe I just got the wrong things, because while certain things were very good – I wasn’t over the moon about it.

We started off with Vegetable Samosas, a good deal at (£2.90), but pretty tasted pretty standard.

The Spicy Lamb Chops Rubbed with crushed black pepperand chillies (£9.70) were a disappointment as they were too charred to really taste anything. I left half of this uneaten.

The House Black Dahl (£4.50) was lovely as was the Vegetables and Paneer:

I really wanted to like everything, and I’ll definitely be back for dinner (and many many many breakfasts, I’m sure), but I’d like to try something else.

Dishoom on Urbanspoon



  1. Hellooo,

    Just stumbled upon your blog while randomly clicking around urbanspoon, as you do, and ended up spending a good few minutes here checking out the reviews. Nice work. I’m hungry again.


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