The Lukin – Fitzrovia

I eat out a lot in Fitzrovia, mainly because it’s where my office is located. So on the Thursday before the Easter bank holidays, and just having finished a huge presentation at work, some colleagues and I decided to treat ourselves to a lazy lunch. But after a while, Busaba and Amaretto get a bit old, and you – just once – want to try somewhere you all haven’t been before. That’s how we found The Lukin.

Tucked away on a quiet leafy street, far enough away from the craziness of Tottenham Court Road, The Lukin is a tiny pub, with the normal ‘pub on the ground floor, dining room on the first floor’ layout. The decor is nothing to shout about (I’ve read it used to be an O’Neil’s, which would explain it), but there’s a very ‘local’ feel to it, despite the fact it’s not really in a massively residential area.

We booked for 7 people about an hour before we wanted to dine (a long shot), but luckily it worked out. We were seated on time, and immediately I was impressed with friendliness of the staff. We started with a couple orders of Scotch Eggs (£4.50):

I do like a good scotch egg – these were commendable, but not Earth-shattering. They were served slightly chilled (I tend to prefer warm ones hough) and came with a lovely mustard sauce. Still, they were a hit with the table…

For my main, I was having trouble deciding. Nothing was jumping out at me except the 8 oz Homemade Cheddar Burger with Chips (£10.70) , but with my recent couple posts, I started to get The Fear that om nom London was turning into om nom Burger. So, even though I did order it – I promise: no more burger posts for a while. Even I’m a bit sick of them…

It was a bit… weird. I like that it was homemade (as was the weird runny, but tasty ketchup), I like that it was gigantic (for the price it should be!), but the spices they used in the mince were totally wrong – cinnamon being the worst offender. I imagine that with an incredibly skilled chef and the right balance, cinnamon and beef not being really really wrong in every sense, but not here.

On the plus side, it was juicy, the cheese and other toppings were lovely, and the chips were a thumbs up.

Despite the cinnamon disaster, I would try The Lukin again. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just a cheerful pub oasis in the middle of one of the most cramped areas of London.

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