There’s more to London than restaurants

970388_10101175072193004_497622277_nComing from a foodie, it’s tough to say, but I fell out of love critiquing restaurants. It’s still something I often do, but recently (ok, the past 18 months), I’ve done it in private. There was something about it that, towards the end of my regular blogging stint, that began to annoy me.

Certain restaurants I went to, I found I didn’t really have anything interesting to say. I was priced out of a lot of others. The food blogger community is a bit cliquey. It got old, I got busy, so I stopped.

In the meantime, I’ve had a really good time not feeling the guilt of not having posted for a week, and then a month and then two… I was enjoying more of what London had to offer. Charlie and I moved into an amazing flat, I worked my way up the corporate ladder a bit more, went to South Africa, finally had my mom visit. I was and am busy just enjoying life.

I do miss blogging though and so I’ve decided to take it back up, but without guilt and without a ‘theme’. Nom nom London isn’t just about eating anymore, it’s about devouring everything the city has to offer me, even if it’s a few mundane pictures of my garden and what Charlie and I did last week.

Here’s to hoping I keep it up this time.

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