Month: March 2014

The veil of social

Recently I wrote a blog post for a news site that has attracted some negative attention. The gist of it is, I wrote a piece on a rhetorical question because there hasn’t been any research on the subject. I find the fact that no one *has* done any research curious. Long story short, it blew up into something I didn’t anticipate. Debate-wise, I take a lot of the points on board. I might have worded things slightly different in hindsight, but I still stand by the overall point and I’m not going to change it because a small percentage of people took offense.

However, my frustration with it all actually stems from the fact that people, thinly veiled by eight time zones, a different culture and an axe to grind, are not interesting in having a conversation or debate. If you don’t agree, absolutely fine, but let’s figure out each others’ motivations first before going in for the attack.