Month: April 2014

Getting hitched.

So, somehow in all the craziness of the last couple months Charlie and I got engaged. Even at 31 (which seems a totally respectable age to get engaged in these modern times), it feels really adult. Though I know many successful couples who have, I can’t even image what it would be like to take this step in my 20s.

It’s been a crazy four-year journey going from being flatmates who ventured into the dangerous territory of rebound flirtation to spending the rest of our lives together; but at the same time, it’s been totally effortless. Without getting too cliche, I get to marry my best friend.

We’re holding off on too much wedding planning up front. To be honest, there’s so much change going on right now, the last thing we need is to worry about what kind of bunting we’ll have or whether or not we send out save the date cards. The important bits (style, locations, time of year) we’ve pretty much sorted, so now it’s just a matter of actually getting out there and doing it. 

I’m really glad I have a background working in PR though. The event planning experience is totally going to come in handy. Bring on the colour coding, spreadsheets and clipboards.