Holiday meals

Holiday! Celebrate!

No posting for the next week or so, folks. I’m off to Turkey!

I’m going on one of those ‘foodies-would-roll-over-in-their-graves’ package holidays, but I’ll try to venture out to try some local cuisine.  I fear it will all be muesli and chips at the resort buffet :-(

Eastside Inn – Farringdon (Thanksgiving Dinner)

Eastside Inn Thanksgiving

Last year, on my first Thanksgiving in the UK and away from my family, I worked late and ended up eating buttered noodles over the sink. It sucked, and I vowed that I would never let it happen again.  So when my friend Kate told me that Eastside Inn was doing Thanksgiving Dinner this year, I leaped at the chance to go. I’d been wanting to go to the restaurant for a while anyway, and this was the perfect chance.

The restaurant has been on a lot of ‘Best of’ lists this year, and it’s no surprise why. It was delicious.

I dined with a handful of Americans, one American-born Brit and WillemChef Bjorn‘s brother and the most international guy I know.

We started out with a mini cheese and bacon toastie nibble:

Eastside Inn Nibbles

When eating this, I wondered how something could be both creamy, rich and light as air all at the same time. Yum!

The first course was pumpkin soup with cinnamon and white truffle cream.  We were served the white truffle cream first (also with croutons and pumpkin seeds.

The soup was then poured around the creamy island:

Wow. The white truffle was beautiful and the cinnamon brought out it’s more savoury qualities. The soup itself was spiced perfectly. I could have had another 3 bowls.

And for the main, turkey, of course:

A bit of white meat and dark meat, paired with a lovely salty stuffing, sweet potato puree and a bit of cranberry for tartness. There was a lot going on, but every single element worked harmoniously together. I know it’s a classic combination, but it seemed to have a new spin. I think it was the stuffing. It was superb.  Only thing I didn’t like were the sprouts. But I just don’t like sprouts.

For dessert: Pecan Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream and Golden Syrup

Just like the turkey, there were quite a few different things going on here, and they all worked together perfectly. Fruit, chocolate, honey, nutty…mmm. And on top of the ice cream was a caramel-y rice krispie treat!

In a word, the entire meal was gorgeous.

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