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YuForia – Soho (take two)

Last fall after a trip to Asia de Cuba, an over-stuffed, slightly-buzzed me, happened upon the YuForia frozen yoghurt stand in Covent Garden. I didn’t have the greatest opinion of it. Since then I’ve had a few different frozen yoghurts in London, which have brought me to the conclusion that I’m not such a fan of English fro-yo. Why? Because I want it to taste like ice cream.

It’s not such a crime, really. The Americans can do some bloody marvelous things with lo-cal frozen desserts, and I don’t feel that just because I moved 4,000 miles away, I should have to suffer with a ‘treat’ that tastes like someone put my Activia in a freezer.

And that was that. Until YuForia started following me on Twitter, claiming that I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between their chocolate fro-yo and ice cream. A challenge if I’ve ever heard one….

A few weeks later, I was invited to the launch of their new Soho shop on Beak Street (across from Polpo, lucky devils) to sample this chocolate fro-yo and other yoghurt-based yummies.

I was almost immediately handed a yoghurt-based frozen chocolate/Mount Gay Rum drink and fro-yo cupcake from Sweet Things.

The cupcake was amazing. I remember them from the Best Cupcake Recipe judging I did last summer. Sweet Things came in a not-too-shabby-third (out of 15) behind Fair Cake and Bea’s of Bloomsbury (not Lola’s as I originally said in a first draft of this post). There wasn’t too much yoghurt on top, but what was there, I liked alright. I won’t say it tasted like ice cream, but it was close.

Next, I decided to try something that actually had this ice cream-like chocolate on it, so I went with the Eton Mess:

Chocolate and natural frozen yoghurt, mixed with blueberries, strawberries and granola. And you know what? They were right. The chocolate does taste like ice cream. Nice soft-serve-just-like-when-you-were-a-kid chocolate ice cream.

The natural, more yoghurty stuff, I’m still not fond of, but the chocolate was a definite thumbs up.  Well done, YuForia, you’ve changed my mind!

We were invited to try our own concoctions, but two desserts in and I was spent. Still, YuForia has enough toppings for you to go pretty wild if you wanted to.  If you’re watching your waistline though, make sure you stick to fruit only. I don’t care how low in calories frozen yoghurt is, once you stick fudge and honeycomb bits on top, it’s not healthy.

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Disclosure: I was invited to sample YuForia for free along with a few other bloggers.  I’ve given an honest review of the product. If the chocolate froyo didn’t taste like ice cream, trust me – you’d know.

Tibits and Freggo – Mayfair

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by the lovely Vikki Chowney to a Girl Geek Shopping event taking place all over Regent Street. There were cocktails, a QR code scavenger hunt and lunch at Tibits, a Mayfair-based organic veggie buffet-style restaurant off Heddon street.

As you walk into  Tibits, you’re warmly welcomed by the staff and shown how the whole system works.  It’s fairly self-explanatory: 1. Grab plate 2. Scoop food 3. Pay.  Sorted.

The buffet is clean and the food refreshed often. It’s the type of vegetarian restaurant where you never miss the meat.  Pastas, couscous, jalapeno poppers, olives, wedges, tofu, roasted veggies.  All very nice and very fresh. It reminded of the Planet Organic that’s next door to my office. That would be, if Planet Organic charged £15 for lunch.

This plate, along with a bit of dessert was an astonishing £15:

While everything was very tasty, I felt – remembering that there was no pricey protein on the plat – that it didn’t quite live up to the price. Rice, pasta salad, potatoes and vegetable should not equal £3 less than a 2-course Top Table deal at Maze.

After leaving and doing a bit more shopping around, I found myself down the street at Freggo, a small gelateria off Swallow street. Freggo opened last year to positive reviews from lots of skinny rich Mayfair girls who – in a moment of weakness – probably stopped there after hitting The Cuckoo Club (yes, this ice cream bar is open till 2am). In fairness though, it’s really good. Nice, rich gelato served in a setting of plush purple couches and padded purple walls. It’s very Mayfair. I went for a half and half of Dulce de Leche and White Chocolate:

The only thing I wasn’t impressed with was that they hide the ice cream tubs behind the counter, out of sight. I’m sure it helps with the aesthetics of the place, but choosing ice cream based on ‘what looks good’ is half the fun! I’ve been known to make many a rash decision as soon as I’ve spied a certain flavour. I’ve gone in for Cookies and Cream and come out with Superman solely on a visual whim.

But haven’t we all?

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