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Sugar Reef – Piccadilly

This meal was long overdo, not because I particularly wanted to go to Sugar Reef, but because my dining partner, the lovely George(ina) and I had been trying to get together for a meal for about 8 months. We went out when I first moved and then life got hectic and we never made it back out.

We’re both huge fans of Top Table, and Sugar Reef was having a half-off deal all night.  It was centrally located and cheap. Done deal.

When we arrived our server asked if we wanted anything to drink before Happy Hour (50% off all drinks too) ends. Why, yes, thank you very much. We would, indeed!

I ordered a mojito, George – already drinking a cider because she had to wait for my late ass to get to the restaurant – ordered a bottle of wine for us to split later.

Starving, we tuck into the menu.  The starters:

Thai Fish Cakes
with a crisp oriental salad, garnished with fresh coriander & sweet chilli sauce

Decent, if not a little boring.  For some reason I always get fish cakes and expect them to be amazing, but I can’t remember a time when that actually happened. I was please that the sweet chili sauce had a bit of a kick to it. 5/10

Sauteed Whole Tiger Prawns
tossed in a crushed garlic & parsley butter with a dash of white wine

These were pretty boring to be honest.  Prawns were overdone a bit and the sauce lacked any personality (can I sauce have personality. Yes.) 2/10

The mains:

Prime Sirloin Steak
a no-fuss prime cut served with a side of sweet potato wedges and a petit salad

Not too bad, actually.  This was certainly not a steakhouse, but for some reason I was craving a steak.  It was cooked exactly how I asked for it (med-rare) and they didn’t make a fuss when I asked for sweet potato wedges instead of chips. Only issue is that George and I were talking so much, it took me probably an hour to eat the damn thing and it was very cold by the time I took my last bite. 6/10

Sticky Lamb Rump
with chunky sweet potato wedges, dressed with a coriander & chilli yoghurt

This was George’s main. I had a bite, but from what I can remember, I thought it was just ok.  The main consensus was that the yoghurt was too sweet and there was far too much of it.  It was hard to taste the meat.

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