Charlie and the Chocolate factory

We’re not boring, we’re domestic.

It’s shocking how quickly you get back into an old routine. We did ‘nearly dry January’, which means no alcohol apart from my birthday weekend. We were climbing the walls, but sleeping the night all the way through, having the energy for the gym and losing all the Christmas weight made it ever so slightly easier.

This first week in February made a harmonious January feel like a distant memory. Body pump Monday, lovely dinner with Jaz on Tuesday, theatre on Wednesday (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was pure imagination. Loved it.), and working till 8 on Thursday and sadly, Friday.

Our weekends have become painfully normal. Not in a bad way, we’ve just become terribly domestic. Homebase, the big Sainsbury’s on Finchley Road, Yoga on Sunday and hopefully today a trip down to the Black Lion (our local gorgeous if not slightly overpriced pub). 

Though we still manage to retain a couple ‘cool’ activities that don’t scream of responsibility. We’ve been prepping tunes for next weekend’s party in Oxford. I may even have the guts to play a graveyard set. We’ll see though. 

Oh, and I found tater tots in London. Bacon-wrapped, cheese covered tater tots. Hurts so good.