French Food in East London

Le Bouchon Breton – Spitalfields

My friend Jaz and I were in order to have a girly gossiping lunch. It was the Saturday before Valentine’s day, and I hadn’t thought to check out the Toptable deals, which meant that most places were either booked or not doing any offers. Le Bouchon Breton up top at Spitalfields Market was the only one who had an offer on (50% off food). So that’s where we went.

I got there early, and ordered a glass of wine. We were eating about 3pm, but the place was still relatively busy. Lots of couples, a few families. Everyone looked a bit unhappy though. Jaz showed up, and we were given some fresh bread.

Le bouchon breton

We ordered a bottle of the wine that I was drinking. When our server came back with another glass, and I mentioned we wanted a bottle, he just put the glass down anyway, and said ‘Oh, well, take this anyway!’ Very cool of him.

Looking at the menu, I had no idea what to get. It started occurring to me that maybe French food wasn’t really what I wanted, and that maybe I shouldn’t have been so obsessed with getting half off my meal when really all I was craving was a burger and chips. I compromised by getting a Rib-eye with ‘les frites’.

Le bouchon breton

I asked for the meat rare to medium rare, and the server repeated back to me ‘Medium well?’ (he was French). I said ‘No, rare, please!’ Sure enough, when it arrived, the steak was cooked all the way through.

Le bouchon breton

The fries were good, though. I also ordered a side of peppercorn sauce which gave flavour to what otherwise was a complete waste of beef.

Jaz’s lamb was nice though. Much prettier. It came with a side of beans that were atrociously bland though.

Le bouchon breton

All in all, with the Toptable discount and the free glass of wine, we ended up spending less than £20 each – a steal. Should mention that the service was really really good too. However, like with most ‘Offer’ meals, I’d have a hard time imagining being happy paying full price for the same thing – especially when I just wasn’t impressed with my food at all.

C’est la vie.

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