places to eat in paris

Paris Roundup

Just a bit a foodie photo fun from my last trip to Paris.  Unlike last time I went, I didn’t go overboard with fancy expensive restaurants, instead just stumbling into places when hungry.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any undiscovered gems that way, but I can’t say I had anything horrible, and we saved a lot of money!

Duck Magret from le Moulin de la Galette (18eme):

Escalopes de Veau from Bistrot Victoire – (2eme):

Also from Bistrot Victoire:

And how could you go to France without l’escargot?

I ate other places, but sadly none of them were fantastic enough to warrant proper posts. I also currently have about 9 drafts in my folder of London restaurants I’ve yet to write about. A girl can only do so much!